All the facts and tips on epoxy flooring will tell you that epoxy floors are worth it! Epoxy garage floor Austin believes the same! But then you will still want to find out first what is the average price for epoxy flooring? All these are found here in today’s post!

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Is it worth to Epoxy Garage Floor?

The price range that you will spend on epoxy flooring is from $1,300 to $3,100. That includes your materials and overall installation costs. 

Having this estimate of epoxy flooring costs, you can plan and manage the budget you want to go with. You can adjust your design and material preferences to fit your property.

This cost is typical for a 2-car or 3-car garage size. There is more for you to know besides getting a final estimate. You may want to have an initial call with a local company of Austin epoxy floors near you.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Costs: Factors to Consider

Here are essential factors for you to get to your costs estimates

  • The garage flooring size
  • The current condition of the slab
  • The moisture vapor requirement
  • Waterproofing requirement
  • The finishing or top coating of your choice

Calculating Your Cost

So, there you go. The above list mentions the factors that play into calculating your flooring cost. It would be best if you had a good grasp of the things to consider. Your garage floor improvement will only achieve good results when you plan and manage all the factors that go with it.

Inspect Your Area

Measure the size of your garage area first. It is the typical two-car garage, or does it go beyond the three-car garage? The flooring area that requires the work will play into this factor.


Then here is a tip. If you want to fit the flooring cost into your budget, you can play around with the materials. You can install the epoxy flooring as the primary material then you can allot a specific small spot for other floor coatings, like rubber mats or vinyl.

Choose Your Designs

Basic Epoxy flooring Design

An epoxy garage floor with standard single color designs costs $3 to $12 per square foot. That includes the materials and professional installation costs.


A 250 square foot 2-car garage has a national cost estimate of $750to $3000.

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Decorative Epoxy

A high-end epoxy flooring design will cost more, of course. There are other versions you can create from your typical clear epoxy coating.


So are you tired of typical grey or neutral clear epoxy flooring? You can upgrade the floors with metallic additives or chip flake vinyl paints to morph on the base coating you use to design.


For high-end flooring that requires additives and multiple colors and layers of coating, the average cost ranges from $1200 to $6500.

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