Epoxy floors have both pros and cons to using them. That is why professionals at Epoxy flooring Austin Tx highly recommend that expert installers of epoxy flooring do the job. Today’s article will show you four pros and two cons of the use of epoxy.

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Epoxy the King of Floors

Most commercial spaces prefer epoxy for its form and function. Aside from giving the floors its dynamic design, it also enhances its surface performance. Having top-tier quality, one could ask what the disadvantage to epoxy installation is?

Pros and Cons of Epoxy flooring

At Austrian epoxy floors, honest product review is essential. And the experts are ready to supply answers to all your epoxy queries. You may also find yourself asking the following:

  • Are epoxy floors worth it?
  • How long does it last?
  • How strong the floor coating adheres to the surface?

Weigh the pros and cons to find answers.

Pros #1- Epoxy floor installation is fast

Focus on the busy spaces in your areas. Most of the time, these are the garage and retail stores. Many residences in Austin find their garage areas as productive workspaces.

One can also turn this into his or her “mancave.” With a space that is always in action having downtime is a big NO. 

To avoid the hassle, choose a fast-curing floor coating. Epoxy dries and cures in a maximum of three days. Upon installing it, a person can already walk over the surface in less than 24 hours.

Pros #2-  Epoxy installation is economical

If you take account of the overall flooring installation requirement, epoxy will come out as quite cheap. Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent resurfacing method to create decorative floors.

This is especially so if you have flooring surfaces that are exposed to heavy use and traffic. Concrete flooring with severe cracks or chipping may make the owner decide to replace the entire flooring system.

Repairs and preparation may take not only lots of monetary resources, but it will steal time, effort, and energy. Using epoxy can both be a preparation for your floors and coating application in one. 

Pros #3- Epoxy floor makes high-performing floors

Epoxy floors got an all-in-one solution compared to multi-flooring systems. Some users will ask installers to install multiple types of flooring [products that meet durability, waterproofing, design, and resistance. Hence they end up paying for more. 

Cons #1- Moisture

Here is the challenging part of epoxy; the first is moisture. When installing epoxy coatings, the surface must be completely dry. Any presence of water will cause faulty installation. This is the main culprit of defective epoxy coating.

Cons #2- Fast Cure

While many services and product providers take pride in epoxy’s quick-cure property, most also find this problematic. Not everyone who uses epoxy takes delight in fast curing. The issue is that because it does so fast, a second of misapplication will ruin the whole project.


Now that you’ve seen the major ups and downs to epoxy floors, aren’t you now convinced to call flooring professionals? Call one near you if you are.

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