Garage areas today are transforming into multidimensional and multi-functional spaces. Learn a new set of ideas in today’s post! While garage floor epoxy has been the most popular choice for durable flooring, you might be surprised that there’s more to a garage than meets the eye. Here’s something that might get your interest when you’re planning to upgrade that “ignored part of the house” this year.

Five tips on how to recreate your garage areas are listed for you. With these coolest concepts, find here something that encourages practicality or takes inspiration from the movies, and more!

Top 5 Coolest Garage Ideas in 2021

white bed in a garage with clothes hanging on the wall

#1- Bedroom Garage

 A greasy workspace turning into a relaxing, resting place may be a juxtaposition. But, wait until you try putting the bedroom by the garage. Not all contradicting things fail to work out. Turn the whole place around, starting with the floors.

Your concrete garage flooring will transform into a clean, clear space when you finish it with innovative epoxy coating. This quick cure application will provide polished and stylish flooring. Let these results inspire you to add function to this once gory space.

Once the floors are tuned-up, put a fiberglass wall or a soundproof divider where you could keep pre-loved garage tools. Leave it as a workspace for you. Then when a rare occasion surprise visit from a friend comes, you can offer your cool guestroom out of garage space.

built-in theater in a garage

#2 – Garage Theater

Garage theaters are today’s in-thing. This adds function since the area reduced its purpose for keeping only motile objects, why not expand the living room here. This is a cool idea if you are not fond of having many friends crashing into your living rooms. 

You can even style the garage floors and walls after a famous movie. One famous garage from the films is Batman’s Batcave. Simply finish the floor with solid black or white garage coating. An epoxy sealer will also add resistant quality to the surface together with its glossy top coat.

Did you know that with a silver epoxy paste or chip epoxy, the floors enhance with anti-static and sound refracting action? That is also what takes place when car tires skid seamlessly on an epoxy flooring. You can also upgrade if you use polyurea coating. It has the most -resistant of all concrete floor coatings.

grill in a garage

#3 – Home Grill Garage

A practical way to revamp your garage is to use it for family dinners or lunch areas for barbecue and bonding. This cool idea is a classic American garage set-up. You can organize a small corner to store your grill oven. Leave the rolled-up aluminum garage door open for the entire occasion the grill is smoking.

If you plan to do this, make sure to resurface the concrete floor. You can do epoxy sealing or simply finish the flooring with concrete polishing. Applying a clear protective coating on the bare slab will make the surface resistant to heavy use and wear.

When you find your kitchen and living rooms too small to hold everyone in the family together then, open up your garage and let the folks enjoy each other’s company.


#4 – DIY Project Garage

Famous films present scenes of iconic garage settings. A classic movie, “Bueller” featured a vintage convertible, but looking past the props is a classic, clean and organized garage storage.

Now DIY fans get their inspiration from such iconic scenes where everyone learns to create DIY shelves for a clutter-free garage.

Here are some cool DIY garage accessories and storage to try:

  • Uniform storage stacked bins
  • Hanging items by the wall, for screws, metal wheels, and other garage tools
  • Hooks and Magnetic drills for hanging more items
  • Kitchen transparent jars and mason jars for various storage purposes
  • Rustic shelves and racks using recycled plywoods

#5 – Garage Playroom

The last cool thing about the garage in this list is it includes something for the children. So, kids, you are not left out. The garage area is where moms and dads can renovate to add a play area for the lads.

To create the full experience, design the garage floorings with 3D and optical illusion images. Yes, you can uplift the floors with customizable designs. Or, make a metallic sheen to mimic a galactic or gleaming outer space vibe in the playroom.

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