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There is an increasing fascination with metallic floors nowadays. The metal-like sheen simply turns heads. This is the reason why metallic epoxy Austin TX suddenly surfaces among every home and business area.

The feel and look of steel are the new elegant. Metal is today’s definition of luxurious.

It is no question why. The shiny and glossy sight that the metallic floors reflect glimmers before the eye. Shiny things always spark the elegant sense of someone. So, if you want to add a touch of glamour to the spaces down your feet, go for metallic epoxy.

Here are updated trends to revamp your floors to enhance your floors into a gem that you treasure below you.

1- Delicate Metallic

How can something that looks so delicate be made of metal? It is with epoxy. A glittery powdered pant is added to the epoxy mixture. This is how metallic epoxy flooring begins. When mixing the powdered pigment to the newly poured epoxy on the surface, the glittering additives morph throughout the resinous coating.

Can you imagine the shiny pearls that you or your wife own? It has a delicate sheen on it. You can have your floors looking like a gem. With metal-styled epoxy floor.

2- Mono-tone Metallic

In design concepts, mono-tone motifs are elegant and straightforward. It is epoxy flooring’s strength. It is easy to create first-class floors without a complicated process.

To achieve a well-translated elegance on a monochromatic floor, use the same color base. Play with the different shades that color offers. For instance, you like a galaxy-inspired floor, and you want to make accents of glimmering stars. You can use a dark neutral base coating. What you can add after is a light silvery gray or bluish silver on top as a finishing effect. 

3- Dual-Tone Metallic

This time you can play with more colors. Mix in two variations of metallic pigments. You can keep the base coating of your choice. Next, for the finishing or design coating, combine two metallic tones.

The best colors to put together creating a luxurious effect are silvery-grey or bluish-green. Light gold or metallic umber will also go well with these colors.

The other variant you can do is having two tones for the base coat. When you do this, the dual-colors blend as the epoxy set and cure. The surface emerges with a marble-like pattern but has more gradient as the two glimmering colors hug each other.

Try this idea of using black and gold. Witness your space, then turn into a Great Gatsby inspired setting. Its elegance, indeed!

4- Cloudy Metallic

Create clouded patterns or cloudy textured floors with a steel-sheen. Combining metallic pigment switches, pure pigments will deliver this idea. This is a fun process, so be sure to have your notes ready with you. 

Let’s start with the tools! Here are the things you will need with your epoxy floor kit:

  • three colors of epoxy (two metallics, one pure, or vice versa)
  • Mixing stick
  • Paint roller
  • Brush or squeegee

Here’s what you will do:

  • Pour the two metallic pigments as you apply the base coat.
  • Use a squeegee or brush to create curving or amorphous strokes. You will cloudy glittering colors morphed together like cotton clouds.
  • If you like more accent on the surface, use a mixing stick to add the final touch of flowing lines outlining the surface, like creases of clouds.
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Final Note

If you are not sure how to achieve these ideas, you should get the pros. Epoxy flooring contractors will even advise you on the right color combinations. With their expert skills, the patterns will come out seamlessly.

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