You often hear the word “epoxy,” but there is a lot you likely didn’t know about it. Property owners look for Austin epoxy floors due to their long-lasting, seamlessly beautiful finish for flooring systems.

Coating your concrete floor with epoxy also increases the value of your property. Apart from that, there are many more reasons why it is a top choice for many industrial-grade projects.

grey epoxy floors

TEN fancy facts you should know about epoxy:

1. Epoxy has existed since the 1800s.

Epoxy was first discovered in 1890 by a Russian scientist named Prilezhaev. Its construction days began in the 1930s. A German guy named P. Shellac brought to popularity the epoxide patent mixed with a synthetic polymer to create an industrial adhesive.

2. Epoxy perfectly adapts to other materials.

Epoxy resins can be perfectly matched with many other materials to increase their performance. This is the reason why epoxy is a top choice to improve concrete floorings. Meanwhile, use a non-skid, silica sand mixed with epoxy coating if you want to achieve a beautifully textured floor.

3. Epoxy flooring for different types of surfaces.

Epoxy is super flexible. Unlike most floor materials, you can install it on nearly all types of surfaces, such as steel, concrete, and many other substrate types.

4. Epoxy is purely man-made.

Unlike other flooring options, epoxy is purely made up of chemicals mixed up by clever humans. It is created by combining two compounds, the resin (liquid in form) and the curing agent. When the resin mixes with a catalyst, curing occurs. After that, a durable, hardened flooring we all know now comes out. This is in contrast to natural stones used in making cement aggregates.

5. Epoxy flooring is chemical-resistant.

Now that we have discussed epoxy’s chemical composition, it is worthy to note that it is resistant to chemicals. This quality makes epoxy a suitable match for industrial spaces such as factories and high-tech facilities where solvent spills often occur.

6. Epoxy flooring withstands heavy traffic.

Epoxy is heavy-duty, so warehouses, factories, airplane hangars, and garages use this type of floor coating. It can withstand large types of machinery such as forklifts or tractors. The best thing is it will still look nice after many years of use and abuse.

7. Epoxy flooring can be fire-resistant.

If you’re in a fire-prone area or those with high temperatures, epoxy-containing properties make them an effective fire retardant. So if this is a big concern for you, make sure to ask your local epoxy contractor about a fire-resistant epoxy product.

8. Epoxy the “King” who first stepped into space.

Interestingly, epoxy gets the title “flooring king of the outer space” after receiving commercial acceptance among various industries, including the space industry. In the 1950s, epoxy was officially used as the first floor and conductive coating inside aerospace shuttles.

9. Epoxy comes in a plethora of colors.

Boring is never an option when we talk about epoxy. Want an easy way to add some life to your living spaces? Epoxy floors can be tinted in almost any color you could ever think of. Plus, it comes in different finishes – metallic, glossy, textured, chipped – name it!

10. Epoxy can be used to create optical illusion floors.

The latest fad in the fancy floor world, 3D floors are epoxy’s specialties. Want to bring the beach inside your room? Or turn your floor into your favorite piece of art? Why not? With 3D flooring, you can give your home or commercial space an exceptional flair. Anything is possible!



Now you know these interesting facts about epoxy flooring! It’s time to upgrade your property with a durable and fun flooring option. Call an Austin epoxy floors expert today!

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